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Great. A strong atmosphere, very dynamic. Reminds me a acidic horror trip. Can You imagine a people which have a trumpets instead of heads and instead of talking they horn on You? All the world is rusty. Can it stop???
That seems to me in this piece. Can it stop, this is too much and kinda feelings.
By the way other videos are also great.

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SpamClamberton responds:

I'm so confused right now.

Funny lovely. Real great day

One can feel the feelings of the ostrich.
The video is overally funny, but also lovely. The atmosphere is great due to nice combination of music, story and graphics. Graphics mean the mimics which describes the desire, happiness and stuff. Also the scene and positioning of objects seems to be ok.
This really put me in the story...

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By the way i liked the freedom word - you beast :D

Instead of others i appreaciate collaboration of 11 people i just hope they know each other a bit or the score is worth the organization, which clearly must been, the story continuity cant be done in one day for sure to be perfect, but stylish connectivity seems to be inserted into final product quite well. I watched the video before looking on info, and in about half or something i was nicely surprised asking myself with answer ,,aaah, this is collab?" and satisfied enough to give a light side score 10/10!

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Simple and old like with new graphics and sound.

This game is nice but a bit overeating. Graphics is ok, the maps could use some perspective due to shadowed towers. But overally this game was already made so many times and in compare this is missing some stuff like speed up button, the start to finish arrow, some more killing methods, like a spell/bomb/... system, bit more possibilities of upgrading, ... The things which are needed to recognize a TD as it is based on calculation what to invest to.
The music and sound is great and fitting.

If i take it as it had to be a old like system td just with new graphics then with strong light side it can have 9/10.

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3D-xelu responds:

thank you for the review and for the awesome score :P

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okay, ... lets try some higher quality guitar.

For me, as i also have been trying comparable sngs, as a complete seems compatible, happy, nice lenght. I thing good basis. As for composition from amateur point of view it is pretty ok. But as im more having good time with sound itself rather then with making a usable song or loop, i was a bit interrupted by the kind of lofi guitar sound. You attempted to make a chords with really awful guitar tone. A can just try to advise about using rather some soundfont of guitar chords which exist and i used them and i can really imagine that the complete sound look might be a class better with that. Just thinking loud, not saying im totally true, just try some of these, youll see though....

oddo323 responds:

I completely agree. I wanted to actually record myself rather than use the guitar I have on Fuity Loops. I don't know where my Line 6 is though... Thanks for the review!

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Excited, amazed, happy

I really felt happy when i saw that "Happines The Eel"
Such a comedy!! congratulations, if the laugh in pure happines of seeing something happ(i) was the point!
I'm excited!

Last time was seen trying to make a wood lathe in his small flat. Is obvious that the retired neighbor is having some difficulties with his loud sounds.

35, Male

anmls dstr.d my life



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